Don’t get caught out!

Tyroseal, the most advanced tyre protection (puncture proofing) tyre sealant gel on the market. The Tyroseal gel has been used across the industry in 14 countries over the course of 15 years. Tyroseal is a remarkable and effective tyre sealant that offers the pneumatic tyre industry and easy and quick to use solution to the problems of deflating pneumatic tyres.

Tyre sealants will prevent flat tyres in most situations. tyre sealant is mostly associated with fixing tyres after the tyre has been punctured. Today in modern cars you often do not have a spare or biscuit tyre but are only supplied by the manufacturer with an electric compressor and some form of pressurised tyre sealant in a canister. In these cases the idea is that you would use the tyre sealant as a post preventative measure.

A word of caution here, any and all sealants, gels, slimes and the like are subject to the size of the puncture in the tyre. Most punctures are less than 3.75 mm. if the screw, nail or thorn that causes the puncture is in excess of 3.75 mm it is unlikely that the normal run-of-the-mill sealants will be able to deal with the puncture in the tyre. Tyroseal can be demonstrated to effectively seal a puncture up to 12 mm in the tyre. In the demonstrations on YouTube (YouTube Video Link) the effectiveness of Tyroseal as a preventative measure for the protection of your tyre and maintaining its inflation is clearly demonstrated.

Tyroseal is an extremely effective preventative gel (slime) that can be injected and left in the tyre for the life of the tyre.

Tyroseal has a proven track record in excess of 15 years and has been used effectively across a wide variety of vehicles. There are massive 200 ton haulage trucks in mining operations running with Tyroseal. Further, Tyroseal is very effective when used in mountain bikes.

There are basically no known pneumatic tyres wherein Tyroseal can be applied as a puncture preventative, tyre maintenance, tyre sealant gel.