Is Tyre Sealant a Good Buy?

The question often arises whether tyre sealants are a good buy. The only way that you can truly evaluate whether a tyre sealant is a good buy or not is when you can statistically compare it with your previous experience. Tyroseal has a proven record and so say all of our clients. Tyroseal has and is being used by companies that have supported us for some 15 years. Normally, Tyroseal (Tyre Protector) will get called and brought into a situation where punctures have proved to create downtime and often the complete loss of the casing of the tyre.

Tyroseal, by its very nature, is chemically stable and non-toxic. It can be injected into a pneumatic tyre and simply left there for the life of the tyre. Unlike other products you do not need to re-new application every six months or so. Tyroseal will from the very first day that it is injected into the tyre penetrate any porosity leaks that the tyre has (which by the way all tyres are manufactured with) and effectively seal the tyre preventing any air loss.

The most amazing effect is that Tyroseal will also deal with the normal run of the mill punctures. When our trained technicians go out on industrial demonstrations they can effectively puncture a Tyroseal treated fully inflated tyre with a 12 mm rod.  Extract the rod from the tyre and Tyroseal will seal and prevent the tyre from losing air.  

So is Tyroseal a good buy?

If you consider that a 2 or 3 mm diameter nail can effectively deflate the tyre in approximately 15 to 20 minutes,  you could lose the tyre due to the damage while driving on a flat tyre. even cheap replacements are more than 20 times the price of a single Tyroseal treatment.  If the tyre had been treated with Tyroseal then this would never have happened. Tyroseal will prevent downtime and maintain the integrity of the tyre for the life of the tyre.