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Conconcreto is a civil construction & mining company and among its fleet of industrial machinery has 5 international dump trucks 7600 transporting different types of materials.

To reduce the numerous amounts of downtime because of punctures, in October we applied Tyroseal in ( 10 ) 12R22.5 wheels in one of our dump trucks.

The dump truck using Tyroseal has not experienced punctures, meaning we can count on its availability, therefore incrementing productivity and avoiding inconveniences from our clients because of downtime.

We have applied Tyroseal to our Bobcats which are working on a hospital construction site which were frequently stopping working because of piercing punctures in their wheels.

I appreciate your time and attention

Saul Licona: Asistente a la Gerenicia
The CAT Rental Store

It is with great pleasure to express to you that your product Tyroseal has given us excellent results and has reduced our punctures 100% with reference to previous experiences which resulted in elevated operational costs.

We applied the product to a Bobcat Caterpillar 226B which we rented from PH Esplendor in Via EspaƱa and the working conditions like in all construction sites was extreme, causing 2 to 3
punctures week. From the moment we applied Tyroseal the punctures stopped.

Cardoze & Lindo is a satisfied client and has noticed important savings and by applying Tyroseal it has reduced by 100% punctures & zero down time.

We applied the product on the 9th of September 2009, when the machine had 452 work hours and on the 22nd of September 2009 the Bobcat had still been working on this project and had accumulated 713 work hours. A total of 260 hours without a single puncture!!!

Cardoze & Lindo highly recommends Tyroseal Heavy Duty for use in rented machinery with extremely satisfactory results.

Mohan Kumar: Al-Basti & Muktha L.L.C.
Being a construction company, we are facing lots of puncture issues on our heavy equipment and it leads to equipment downtime and replated problems.

After installing Tyroseal in the following vehicles which are in use at our various sites we find that the product is performing to our satisfaction technically.

The product has stopped air leakages due to punctures in the tyres. Also air pressure is being maintained. This has reduced our tyre related issues and equipment downtime.

List of vehicles using Tyroseal:

  1. Bob CAT
  2. Volvo Showel
  3. CAT Telehandler

I believe, Tyroseal is a permanent solution for tyre related problems.

Oivind Bakke: Managing Director Continental/Dekkman
Dekkmann Tyres are leading tyre suppliers in Norway and are owned by German Tyre giant Continental. All of the Dekkmann outlets are distributors of Tyroseal. It is probably a world first that a business that sells tyres promotes a product that actually makes tyres last longer and so reduces tyre sales but Oivind Bakke, Dekkman’s managing director explains “there is method in our apparent madness. Some of the employees here discovered Tyroseal at a Trade fair in Sweden. When I first saw Tyroseal I thought that it was astonishing. It fitted right into our company’s vision in that if we are going to retain customers a good relationship needs to be established. The way to do this is to reduce the cost to our customers and that is why we believe in Tyroseal. In any transport business the pressure of costs is high and I feel that customers will soon see the benefit of Tyroseal in their business”.

Johnny Hakensen: Proprietor of a waste & timber recycling plant.
Johnny Hakensen operates a waste and timber recycling plant on the outskirts of Oslo. His company transports waste material throughout Norway especially to the more remote areas. Punctures to his company are a costly hazard. The company sees enormous benefits in using Tyroseal, they have no down time as a result of punctures and lower costs per tyre, per vehicle, per year. Johnny says “it’s very effective when you need to rely on the vehicle to get there on time. When you can’t afford downtime and you just need to keep going. We have had very good experiences with Tyroseal and I would absolutely recommend it”.

Inge Holland: Area Manager Securitas
“We have Tyroseal installed in our tyres since June 2003 – a total of 7 vehicles in the county of Agder south of Norway. Our experiences are very good, as we have not had any punctures on any of our tyres that have accumulated over 200,000 km.

When we changed to winter tyres 2 weeks ago, we discovered that several tyres had nails and screws that had penetrated them, but we did not have any air loss as a result. (We do not know how long we’ve been driving with these nails in the tyres).

Our tyre dealer just removed the objects from the tyres.

We have also discovered that the tyres last much longer than ever before, as we do not have to control the air pressure anymore. The pressure is maintained at a constant level on the tyres that have been filled with Tyroseal”.

Peter Jones: Electronics
Peter Jones runs a television repair company. Since using Tyroseal in their vehicles they have not had a single puncture.

Michael Shearer: Farmer
Michael uses a quad bike and used to get frequent punctures from thorns and nails. His puncture count has gone from 15-20 per year down to nil.

Gareth Porter: Tyroseal Franchisee
“I have a customer with a JCB machine working on a land fill site. It required a professional repair when the tyres sidewall was damaged. When the fitter inspected the tyre he counted 116 nails and screws that Tyroseal had repaired. He professionally repaired 38 of the holes with patches before he asked me to re treat the tyre and we left the other 78 nails in. The customer was gobsmacked”.

Boris Berggren: branch manager Euromaster Oskarshamn
“I can absolutely recommend TyreProtector, the product works superbly. All our tests show that the product will keep all of its promises. We have chosen to offer our custumers this product because it will save our customers a lot of money, and a lot of valuable time, in return we are certain that it will give us a happy customer for a very long time.”.

“I can absolutely recommend TyreProtector, the product works superbly.

“We have been using Tyroseal since august 2005 and have been applying the sealant in our fleet of vehicles that carry steel and iron ore. We have seen dramatic improvements in puncture reduction and less down time for our equipment and personnel”.


The highways authority of the Chihuahua district of construction and maintenance has no time to waste due to the heavy weight equipment used on the field and have to be working constantly with no downtime.

“We have noticed since we started using Tyroseal on our heavy weight machinery our punctures have reduced tremendously saving time and expense. Our personnel are working with better spirits”.

Due to the above the secretary of communications and public roads of the Chihuahua state recommends Tyroseal against punctures in their heavy weight machinery.

“Since the installation of Tyroseal on our fleet that distributes goods on the bad roads our problems of punctures have reduced as well as downtime.

We certify the usage and recommend Tyroseal”.

ALASTAIR SMITH, Service Supervisor, The Cat Rental Store, Durban
“I would like to advise that since the introduction of your product into our 10 x 16,5 CAT 226 Skid Steer tyres we were happy to reduce punctures by 100%.

The expense incurred up to that point was seriously placing pressure on the financial viability of the hire, the machine in question was hired to remove rubble from a demolished service station site some 180Km round trip from our Durban branch, we were having to deliver repaired tyres every day, the problem was due to re-enforcing sticking out of the rubble which was impossible to avoid as the site agent informed us. The cost of tyre repairs was also a major factor in the decision to fill with a reputable product.

After the introduction of the product we did not have any punctures at all for the next two weeks until the job finished, this was a remarkable achievement and have forwarded a recommendation to our head office with a suggestion to apply to all new tyre purchases”.


In addition to being the only General Freight Forwarder in Kazakhstan that is a member of the United Kingdom Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), Bertling Kazakh Logistics is pleased to announce that we are the first freight forwarder in the Republic of Kazakhstan to commit to the revolutionary Tyroseal product in our fleet of company-owned vehicles. This significant safety feature will protect our drivers and other road users for every minute of the day, for every kilometre they drive. Bertling is proud to be associated with Tyroseal Kazakhstan and wish them every success for the future.