To anyone who’s ever spent a cold, wet 15 minutes at the roadside fixing a flat bike tyre, the benefits of tyre sealant that make puncture proof bike tyres Halfords are obvious.

Why Our Tyre Sealant

  • Our tyre sealant is heat absorbent and with even pressure run more efficiently and cooler, and this ensures your tyres last longer too.
  • Our tyre sealant works in all weather conditions hot or cold.
  • Our Tyre Sealant is cost effective in prolonging the lifespan of the tyre thus reducing the number of mechanic call outs and downtime.

Because, we at Tyroseal, have put some money toward the research and development of a world class tyre sealant, which could guarantee performance and success in the field. Our tyre sealant was developed and designed with the following characteristics:

  • A porosity sealer for the rim, tyre and beaded area.
  • Upholds constant air pressure for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Decreases the operational tyre temperature.
  • Increases the usual legal tyre tread life.