Are the tyres of your mountain bike looking a bit worn-out? Maybe you’ve experienced too many flats or you’re just looking to try something new?

But now thanks to the professional companies such as Tyroseal, which is pushing the development of solid tyre sealant formulas. Our tyre sealant should be your top-notch choice for your next purchase for puncture proof mountain bike tyres.

Tyroseal is the aftermarket division of active tools, and world’s leading supplier of tyre sealant products. Our sealants and compressors are the same as the ones provided directly to the manufacturers of new automobiles. This means that when you buy Tyroseal, you are buying the same original equipment quality at the section of the main dealer price. The range we have set for our tyre sealent for a mountain bike is 200ml and when you talk about commercial use, it’s 10 to 25 litres.  

Tyroseal offers a number of solutions designed to suit all vehicle needs. We offer high quality tyre sealant products and advanced solutions. Select the one that is right for your vehicle type or everyday inflation needs. Tyre sealants are a must buy for anyone who hates dealing with flat tires, which basically means everyone. All three of the tire sealant systems mentioned above works great.