Our exclusive tyre sealant acts as a preventative measure against flat tyre, blowouts or tyre related road casualties. So, no worries over sudden tyre puncture. One single application of our tyre sealant is sufficient to protect the tyres against punctures, blowouts and deflation throughout the entire legal lifespan of the tyres. Our matchless tyre sealant comprises of special adhesives which permit the product to stick to the inner surface lining of the tyre except for a 25% residual which disperses uniformly throughout the tyre when it is in motion. Tyre sealant is very applicable in balancing the tyres of the vehicles. It does not coagulate and cause balancing troubles and alterations to the rubber composition of the tyre. Tyre sealant at Tyroseal contains anti corrosive mediators to stabilize and inhibit the effects of any corrosion on the wheels and rims prior to fitting.

Fuel Efficiency

Having regular, appropriately inflated air pressure in your tyres can save you money on fuel. Our tyre sealant guarantees that the tyre pressure is constant as underinflated tyres reduce fuel efficiency and decrease the lifespan of the bike tyre as well as lower rolling resistance.