Tyroseal offers you build a fine environment for travelling where you will always be on the move.

Benefits Of Our Tyre Sealant

Works For All Vehicles

Our permanent tyre Sealant is designed for vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks and commercial fleet vehicles etc.

Reduction in Downtime In All Types Of Vehicles

For distribution companies, time is crucial as deliveries run on a tight schedule. Tyre Sealant prevents downtime from occurring thus ensuring business productivity.

Protect The Environment

Last year alone, 4 million tyres were destroyed. Tyre Sealant helps prevent tyres wastage by extending the life span of tyres by 25%.

Permanent Fix

Our tyre sealant is not a temporary “limp home” aerosol can fix solution—it seals the tyres permanently throughout the legal lifespan of the tyres.


Our puncture proof tyre sealant is safe and environmentally friendly. Usage of our tyre sealant will not cause any bodily harm.