Tyroseal product range aids to eradicate costly automobile and equipment downtime due to tyre related troubles eliminating punctures and flats and has been recognized in different working environments to reduce the overall tyre expenditure.

How Our Tyre Sealant Works

When the tyre is slightly damaged or punctured, the action of air pressure and centrifugal force resulting from the wheel turning, forces millions of fibre particles into the hole and seals the area where loss of air is experienced, thus preventing the tyre from losing air pressure. Tyre failure is one of the most frequent causes of downtime. Under inflated tyres (due to loss of air or punctures) can create troublesome maintenance problems that can cost a lot of money. Maintained air pressure is the key to keeping your fleet on the road.

Our tyre sealant is a product specially manufactured to address such related tyre problems, which is suitable for all types of mountain bike, bicycle and commercial use vehicles. It:

  • Upholds constant air pressure for a minimum period of 3 months.
  • Decreases the operational tyre temperature.
  • Increases the usual legal tyre tread life.
  • Seals Punctures