Drive with a peaceful mind!

Are you exhausted due to frequent tyre punctures? Hiring a professional is costing you time and money? No worries, Tyroseal, being the world leading company famous for puncture prevention and tyre sealant are at your service. Our tyre sealant protects all inflated tyres against punctures up to 6 mm throughout the legal lifespan of the tyres. Tyroseal have been rigorously tested and passed all the required safety and quality standards.

We provide highly engineered tyre sealant—tested extensively and is absolutely safe to use. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and chemically inert. We give a written guarantee for every installation. This means safer tyres; no more punctures and diminishes the need for puncture repair. Our tyre sealant for bikes is injected into the bike tyres before a puncture occurs as a preventative measure. When the tyre rotates, the tyre sealant then coats the inner lining of the tyre surfaces as a means of protection.

Every journey a motorist takes is safe and comfortable, adding assurance that the tyre pressure will not be decreased during the drive.