Why Use a Tyre Sealant

Using a tyre sealant as a preventative measure to counteract the natural porosity of the Tyre and to prevent you getting a flat is always a good idea. The advantage of Tyroseal is that it is an extremely good preventative solution which can be injected into the tyre and simply left there for the life of the tyre.

The fact that Tyroseal can be left in the tyre for the life of the tyre makes it a unique product in the world of tyre protection and puncture proofing. The greater majority of products that are used for this principle have a limited life of only six months.

When you have injected your tyre with Tyroseal, as long as the puncture wound inflicted on your pneumatic tyre is not in the sidewall of the tire, Tyroseal will enter the puncture wound and effectively seal it for the life of the tyre. In one of the industrial applications of Tyroseal, we were approached by a metal scrapyard that was using a front-end loader to move the metal scraps to and from their dumps. The problem that they had was that they were getting numerous punctures on a daily basis. You can think for yourself how aggressive the environment was with bits of metal shards lying around on the surface where the front end loader had to operate.

After our technicians had evaluated the situation and calculated the amount of Tyroseal for the tyres, we assisted the scrapyard mechanics and injected the tyres of their front end loader with the correct volume of Tyroseal.

The Tyroseal adequately dealt with the problem that they had had with punctures. Some time later, we contacted the scrapyard mechanics and asked them how our product was doing. They were over the moon, as Tyroseal had effectively reduced the number of flats they had to deal with by 99%. On the odd occasion it was only if the sidewalls of the tyres of the front end loader were punctured by a deep gash that they still had problems.

One of the mechanics said that the first time that they removed a tyre which had been worn down to a point where they had to replace it, there were so many penetrating wounds in the casing that they stopped counting when they got to 360. Tyroseal was silently working and kept the tyre inflated despite numerous punctures by metal shards.

Tyroseal is a very effective and proven preinstallation tyre sealant gel. Please if you have any questions or queries contact us so that we can recommend and help you find the best application for our product. This